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About Bharat Jain


Why Choose Bharat Jain?

Bharat Jain is an established name in the field of the Electronics and Gadgets industry. Today, he is one of India’s biggest names in the world of security technology. 

With a journey marked by smart decision-making and an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics, he has propelled himself to the very top of the industry. What sets Bharat apart is not only his remarkable success in various ventures but also his global influence through his YouTube platform. 

With over 370k+ subscribers and counting, his insightful videos have reached far and wide, earning him admiration and trust from audiences around the world. 

By choosing Bharat Jain, you'll not only be diving into a wealth of knowledge backed by a proven track record and an expansive outreach, but will also get access to the best personalized education and consultation. All this will help you make truly informed decisions when it comes to security and surveillance setups. Having a record of 5000+ students

About Bharat Jain

Sense Of Purpose

Bharat was raised in a village near Udaipur. In his school days, he was quite fascinated by technology and the newly arrived ‘computers’. He wanted to get in more about computer technology but was not able to. He completed a degree in Pharmacy from Mumbai. After education, he gained experience by working in a Medical Store in Surat. The pharmacy profession somehow did not appeal to him to continue the profession. He wanted to create a business that meets his passion and which balanced his business and social goals.

Back then in 2007, there was a boom in the mobile market. Since he always loved tech gadgets, he got interested in this field and decided to take a plunge in the mobile business despite a lot of criticism from family and friends. With courage, determination, and amazingly clear vision ahead, the young Bharat opened his mobile shop instead of the planned medical shop. There was no looking back after that. That was the first turning point in his life.

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Daring into New Territory

Dedicate yourself to unleash your full potential, expand your horizons and lead a fulfilling life.

  • His mobile business was running smoothly. However, one fateful day when he went in the market to buy security cameras for his mobile shop, he found a dealer in Surat with great difficulty. He looked at it as an opportunity in the relatively new field of security cameras as there were hardly any dealers in Surat. In a new business with fewer resources, Bharat started foraying into unknown territories sincerely and daringly. From there his business took on to a whole new level.
  • It was a completely new area for him. Yet with his dedication and smart business acumen, Bharat learned about different types of security cameras, their applications and expanded his wings to include other electronic gadgets. He soon became an expert in the CCTV cameras segment. People from far and wide came to get his expertise solutions for their security systems. He single-handedly captured the Security Cameras segment and successfully ran the business of electronic gadgets.
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Work For A Cause Not Applause

As we start believing more deeply in our goals, we believe more in ourselves, and life only gets better.

Bharat became a well-known and dependable name in the security camera industry. He started making videos on the applications and challenges  encountered when using technological gadgets since he wanted to help others. To reach a wider audience, he posted them on YouTube. Bharat now has a larger platform to share his knowledge and skills about electronic gadgets and security systems with the general public on a global scale thanks to YouTube. People admired his humble manner as well as his knowledge of the subject. They come to him with all of their security issues, and he takes care of them all with his outstanding service.
Successful people are unconcerned with real or imagined barriers erected by people or customs. He's come to realise that every encounter is a type of investigation over time. Mr. Bharat worked on projects that he enjoyed, and he was continuously motivated to learn more and find new ways to exploit untapped potential. In his childhood, he had a spirit of excitement and a desire to succeed. He still has the same zeal and enthusiasm today.

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